Imaginary Audience

Hello, imaginary crowd!

I have a blog because apparently, I like to write things to my imaginary crowd of people that read the things I write and will love me until my last dying breath (hopefully a little longer- I mean, honestly, I don’t know if my fantasy crowd can take me for that long). Β I like to write and that is why I am currently typing Β on a laptop on some crappy, squeaky chair that refuses to shut up while ordinary people would be, oh, I don’t know, having an actual social interaction with someone? If someone is actually reading this, I apologize for my sarcasm and attitude, and I am grateful that someone is at least reading my “words of wisdom” (Ha! Wow, am I delusional or what?). In my opinion (not like anyone would care or notice), I think the main reason we (our society) don’t write or share our feelings is because are scared. We are scared of not being accepted, scared of trying and not succeeding, and scared of being different. Our society always tells people to be who you are, but do we follow our own advice? No. We don’t. I am not saying that I am innocent because I fully admit that I am anything but innocent. I just wanted to say it, at least once. I think that anyone who shares their opinion to the world, even if it’s different from mine, should be proud of themselves. You took a step towards being your own person. It may be a small step, but you took it.

Have you ever thought about what people from the future would think of us? Sometimes I think “Hey, what if people read my writing many years in the future when I’m dead? *starts laughing* Nah, they would probably think it’s just some outrageous, insane ramblings of a sarcastic, pathetic “author” who writes to imaginary people.” Yeah, that sounds pretty accurate.

This is just my grand entrance into a world I have yet to figure out. Thank you to whoever is reading this, I will try to read the blogs of the people who support me.

Thank you,



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